Black Market III, Swing Fest, Wespelar, Belgium (Marcie Mieke Geukens, Rootstime, Belgium) Aug, 2014

And then came ‘Black Market III’ from San Diego, California. This trio increased the atmosphere with frontman Scottie 'Mad Dog' Blinn at the helm, a previous, frequent visitor to Belgium and Europe with 'The Mississippi Musharks', and the ambiance was assured. That band went their separate ways in 2009 but this 'new' trio managed to stimulate the crowd with their mix of course sounding blues, garage rock, rock and roll, roots and slow blues.  Their single minded approach and style where well savoured by the crowd.
'If I Can Hold', 'Comin' At Ya' and 'After Dark’ all got a passionate edge from these rebel punks transformed to blues with an attitude. The energetic Scottie Blinn on guitar and vocals had a nice raspy voice and Roxy Coverdale changed this set up with some very nice songs...a pleasing changeover.

They brought some songs from their first album 'Songs That Shake The Cage' as well as material from their latest album 'Black Roses'. They also treated the crowd to a few covers from T-Bone Walker and Neil Young. During 'Old Man' the weather turned and a few 'rain tears' dropped down and grey skies appeared but not for long.
Their drummer went on a crazy drum rampage, crawling, climbing and turning whilst hitting a steady drumbeat, there was nothing safe from him, not even the wet cobble stones. An ecstatic crowd followed him off-stage.
The three musicians finished their set with 'When The Sun Goes Down', although the sun was nowhere to be seen even though it was still afternoon.
As a live act this band should be nominated for their original, power driven and passionate approach and not only for best Rock/Blues album 2012 and 2013 with 'Songs That Shake The Cage' and 'Black Roses'.

Source : Translated by DDM ( approved by rootstime belgium , Marcie Mieke Geukens)