“Americana from the heavy end of the CD bin.  After a lifetime of exploring the history of the blues, Scottie Blinn and his bandmates turn their explorations to postwar and modern American folk and gospel...with big fat soul-shaking electric guitar!"  ~~Joey Harris  The Beat Farmers

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2023 San Diego Music Awards

WINNER "Best Video" - "Rosalee"

Black Market III is honored to have won the 2023 San Diego Music Award for "Best Video"!

 BMIII's return to the Old Town Blues Club, Temecula, CA!  5/31/23, 7pm - Feat. Nate Samuels and Ed Croft of The Helix Horns.  

This is a MUST SEE show at one of Southern California's premiere live music venues!

Join BMIII at their private venue, Hacienda On The Hill in Lakeside, CA, too celebrate the release of their new "Soul Survivor" CD!  BMIII will be performing with horns, percussion, and keys.  Special Guest Stephen El Rey!

NEW SINGLE & VIDEO - "ROSALEE"  -  WINNER "BEST VIDEO" -  2023 San Diego Music Awards (Stream below)

“Rosalee” is dedicated to those who suffer in silence, courageously fighting to get through each day.  It was also written in support of the loved ones who fight along with you.  

No one should suffer in silence.  For help dial 988, or call 1-800-273-8255 (in the U.S.) for the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline.

Roxanne Coverdale - Vocal, Bass
Scott Blinn - Guitar
Joe Hager - Drums
Jamie Shadowlight - Violin
Jody Bagley - Piano

Song: Rosalee
Written By: Roxanne Coverdale
Band: Black Market III
CD: Soul Survivor
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered: Grease Punk Studio, Lakeside, CA
Video Edited: BMIII Media Management