“Americana from the heavy end of the CD bin.  After a lifetime of exploring the history of the blues, Scottie Blinn and his bandmates turn their explorations to postwar and modern American folk and gospel...with big fat soul-shaking electric guitar!"  ~~Joey Harris  The Beat Farmers

Time has come to join Black Market III for a special concert under the stars! 

When:  Saturday, August 14th, 2021 
Where:  Grease Punk Studio and Outdoor Concert Venue, Lakeside, CA (address will be shared privately when tickets are purchased.) 
Time:  7-9:30pm  Doors:  6pm 
Tickets:  $20 PayPal:   (**PLEASE USE THE "FRIENDS AND FAMILY" OPTION** We get charged otherwise and the price will have to go up.  Thanks!) or 

Details:  Black Market III will be performing with percussion, horns and organ/piano!  With the first of several concerts planned for the rest of 2021, Black Market III has spent the last year behind the scenes getting creative.  There will be many surprises in store!  Sara Petite and Jonny Wagon will kick off the show, and Stereo Brewing will be selling their craft beers.  Lights, sound, and  more provided by Sam Castellano and Kevin Rudnick. 

Note:   When it comes to drinking and public safety, please be responsible.  Thank you.  No refunds unless the event is canceled.

"The Man Who Sold The World" (David Bowie cover)

​​​​​​STAY TUNED for upcoming singles and videos, while the band is in the studio working on their second release for Rip Cat Records!

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