Black Country: (CD + Download)
  • Black Country: (CD + Download)

Black Country: (CD + Download)

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Black Market III's homage to their favorite Rock band, Led Zeppelin! Painstaking detail was paid to these deeper cuts, but BMIII still maintains their own unique voice on these heavy weight classics.

These recordings speak for themselves, and the musicians all nailed their parts without sounding like they set out to copy the original. All of the songs chosen are among BMIII's personal favorites...although they obviously love all of their songs!

"Of course writing, recording, and having our own music reach the world is above all the most surreal and satisfying, but actually producing, recording, and dedicating a full CD to the music of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham was of the highest challenge. It is the ultimate way for us to say THANK YOU to them."

"We are constantly digging deeper, finding more rare tracks and videos, and delving into the mystique and intricacy that is Led Zeppelin. We have therefore made the selection of songs as diverse and sometimes as eclectic as the band is, choosing from most of their albums."

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