Songs That Shake Our Cage: Tom Waits- Lie To Me

 TOM WAITS--There's a lot of 'San Diego' connection on the upcoming Black Market III CD "Songs That Shake The Cage". Trivia--we started off as "Black Market Baby", a title taken from one of our favorite Tom Waits songs. After receiving permission from the original Black Market Baby to use the name, a hardcore punk band in the 80's in D.C., they changed their minds when they saw we weren't a little local dive bar band destined to break up in obscurity after 6 months. Thus, "Black Market III".

Anyway, back to the point. Tom Waits spent his formative years in National City and Chula Vista, CA. He went to Hilltop High, which happens to be where my niece Veronica Rodriguez Konkoly graduated from. He frequented Lou Louis F Curtiss' Rare Records on Adams Ave, and another iconic SD diner called Rudfords (site of many notorious Mississippi Mudshark after-hours).

Another piece of trivia--Joey Harris (San Diego's own Beat Farmers), who also makes an appearance on the CD, spent his formative years with John Stewart...the singer/songwriter, not the guy from The Daily Show...and opened many shows for Tom Waits in the 70's.

So now we are honored to cover not one, but TWO of Tom Waits' songs on our CD. I wanted to include a video for "Black Market Baby" here, but the one's I found were more reggae influenced and not as deep and dark as the original that inspired us so much. For now, enjoy this video!

Lie To Me- Tom Waits

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