Artist That Shakes Our Cage

 Jack White definitely ‘Shakes The Cage’. As a founding member of the highly acclaimed garage rock, blues, punk duo, the White Stripes, Jack White (with Meg White on drums) was responsible for bringing back raw unadulterated blues and rock. Bands such as The Black Keys and Band of Skulls have since picked up and ran with that torch.

We have more recently gotten into the 3rd of Jack’s bands, The Dead Weather. Jack predominantly plays drums in this band. Members include the epitome of rock front woman, Alison Mosshart (the Kills), Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age), and Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs). Roxy and I witnessed their performance front row a couple years back at the last San Diego Street Scene, and were completely blown away. It was by far one of the most unpretentious, raw, and solid Rock (with a lot of blues) shows we had seen in a very long time! Dirty, sweaty, emotional, raw, and LOUD!
A few Jack White trivias: His first instrument is the drums (since age 6). He is the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters. Blues giant Son House’s “Grinnin’ in Your Face’ is his favorite song.

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